Meet the Team

    Ala Ward


    Ala is a member of Eiro since 2016 and she is very passionate about Moldavian traditions.

    Alina Balan


    Alina joined Eiro since 2019, when she was an official member of the Romanian Presidential Elections at polling station 280 Lim

    Anca Minescu

    Anca is a member of eiro since 2014 in the Cultural department. Anca is a Faculty and Assistant Dean International in the Psych

    Dan Cernaianu

    Dan is a member of Eiro since 2016. Dan is the author of all our video content and the Eiro YouTube channel.

    Daniel Nedelcu

    Company Secretary

    Daniel Nedelcu is a founding member of Eiro since 2007 and since 2019 the company secretary of Eiro CLG.

    Daniela Ventuneac

    Daniela Ventuneac is a member of eiro since 2012

    Elena Iorgulescu


    Elena is a member of eiro since 2010?

    Ina Oglinda


    Ina is a member of eiro since 2014 and the Vice-chair of eiro between 2016 and 2019.

    Irina Gusan


    Irina has joined Eiro in 2019. Irina is very active in the local community in Newcastle West.

    John Rus


    Johnny has joined Eiro in 2020 convinced by the friendly atmosphere during our activities and especially the Eiro trips

    Melinda Keseru


    Melinda has been involved in supporting our activities since 2018 and a member of our team since 2019!

  • Mihaela Cardu
    Mihaela Cardu Culture

    Mihaela is a member of eiro since 2016 and she always brings us new songs and interesting activities in our trips.

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  • Mihaela Leanca
    Mihaela Leancă Past members

    Mihaela has joined Eiro in 2019. She likes to get involved in social activities and she enjoys a good book.

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  • Mihai Bilauca


    Dr. Mihai Bilauca is a founding member of eiro since 2007 and the economic co-ordinator since then.

    Oana Patru


    Oana joined Eiro in 2019 performing as a photographer.

    Vlad Novac

    Vlad is a member of eiro since 2016 and works as a Graphic Designer in Galway.