As the Romanian Embassy in Dublin always strives to meet the needs of Romanian citizens in Ireland, especially those that live at a greater distance from the headquarters of the Consular Section of the Romanian Embassy in Dublin, they initiated the process of establishing itinerant consulates in Ireland, outside of Dublin city, during 2022.

The Embassy is launching a public consultation on the locations in which these traveling consulates could be organized.

Until January 12, 2022, comments and suggestions can be sent by email to: with proposed locations, details of the consular services needed, but also the optimal period when these services could be provided closer to you.

The Embassy will analyse all these proposals and, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest, will announce in good time the locations and the period / periods in which the traveling consulates will be organized.


EIRO has proposed Limerick City for its wide capture area to be used as a potential location for these services. 


For more info please visit the official announcement.