We are eiro, a non-political association based in the Limerick City and Region in Ireland. Our goal is to create opportunities for our members and the public to explore Irish and Romanian culture and to promote business activities between the two countries.

We respect the democratic values of Irish society, the laws of the Irish state and the principles of human rights. 

We support Irish people and people of any origin living in Ireland with information about Romania and Romanians living in Ireland by providing them with information on their obligations, rights and entitlements when accessing services in Ireland.

The official languages of the association are English and Romanian.

Our name

Our name is a combination Éire which is Irish for "Ireland" and "ro" from the name of Romania.

It is a representation of our ideal aim for a full cultural integration of Romanians in and with the Irish community while sharing European Values, accepting and celebrating our diversity.

Our History

Our association was first established in December 2007 as The Irish Romanian Cultural and Business Association - IRCBA.

Since 2015 our name has changed to a shorter and more representative name: eiro.

In December 2019, after 12 years of uninterrupted activity, eiro has become a registered non-profit company limited by guarantee. This was a logical step forward to ensure that eiro and our members can grow in the years to come.

Our Objectives

  • To create opportunities for every person interested in  exploring Irish and Romanian cultures by organising cultural activities and other events;
  • To promote good relations between eiro and other non-governmental organisations;
  • To facilitate business opportunities between Ireland and Romania;
  • To support Romanians by providing them with information on their rights, entitlements and obligations when accessing services in Ireland;
  • To carry out intercultural activities that will promote understanding, respect and value of Romanian culture among Irish society and facilitate the integration of all cultures on the island;
  • To conduct social functions of a fund raising nature, such as parties, trips, cultural activities etc, the income of which shall be used to support the activities of the association;

Our Company

eiro is a registered business name for Irish Romanian Cultural & Business Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee

Company Directors: Mihai Bilauca, Ina Oglinda

Company Secretary: Daniel Nedelcu

The Company is Registered In Ireland No. 661805

Tax No:  3687608HH

Bank: AIB Bank, 106/108 O'Connell Street Limerick

IBAN: IE36AIBK93547624498026


EU PIC No:  917207654