April 3, 2022

Romanians are considered to be the largest invisible community in Ireland!

The Population Census will take place in Ireland on Sunday, April 3, 2022.

The census will count all those present in Ireland that night.

The information will be used ONLY for statistical purposes and is confidential!  These turn into numbers!

It is important for the Romanian community's participation in this process:

The results of the Census are important for the Irish state in order to plan future services at community, local and national level, to support Romanian citizens in the systems:

  •  health (information, services, GP);
  • education (Romanian language courses and their inclusion in Irish school curricula);
  • transport;
  • housing (support, support from local authorities).

 It is important to know OFFICIALLY how many Romanians we are in Ireland, not only for the Irish authorities, but also for the Romanian state, in order to:

  • allocate human and financial resources to the Dublin Consular Section, for the best possible quality of consular and representation services;
  • the relocation of the Consular Section in a space that corresponds to the real needs of the Romanian community in Ireland, which is currently estimated at over 120,000 Romanian citizens.

The figure of 30,000 Romanians, from the 2016 Census, declared by the C.S.O.  (The Central Statistics Office) is no longer relevant.

 Let's mobilize and not stay invisible.  Let's show that our presence in Ireland matters!

 If you need help filling out the form, feel free to contact us info@eiro.ie

You can access more information in Romanian here: https://www.census.ie/help-with-your-form/other-languages/romanian/